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Aimee Black, Will Powers

Punk rock darling, Aimee Black gets paid to treat Will Power's to the best night of his life! She crawls into his room dressed in her skimpy panties and climbs on top of him. Will's hands instinctively fondle Aimee's rump cheeks and probing her underwear. With a yank and a slap, he yanks off her ebony thongs and runs his tongue up and down Aimee's moist beaver and asshole. Then, relaxing back on the bed, Will pulls out his hefty pecker and Aimee is completely shocked at how HEFTY his weiner is! Watch her work her delicious round booty up and down on that prick until Will can't take it anymore and glazes her juicy anus like a fucking Krispy Kreme donut!

Rachel Solari, Steve Taylor

Damn, who couldn't notice a beautiful round white anus like the one that Rachel Solari has here? Not to mention that she has long blonde hair, a pretty face and two massive breasts on her chest! We get to see a quick moist shirt peek at her tits before she takes all her clothes off and gives us the perfect view of her rump, as she rubs it down with oil. She starts touching her clit and plunging her fingers in her pussy before she got a fat dick to suck on. She was on her knees to lick his wang, and then she bent over the couch to take a fucking from behind. Those big, round boobs were the perfect target for him to jizz all over.

Missy Monroe, Brian Surewood, Rick Masters

Missy Monroe lives by the rule that two is always better than one, and that goes for meatsticks as much as anything else in her life. Brian Surewood and Rick Masters have no problem with sharing this innocent and beautiful blonde, especially when she has the cutest smile when looking up at them from under their shlongs. She knows that she's going to get the best pumping of her life from them, especially as she starts moaning, groaning and screaming with absolute pleasure. There's nothing better to her than taking on these two peniss.

Carmen De Luz – Stroke Number

Stroke Number

"What's going on, papi?" Carmen De Luz asks as she saunters over to Rocky. "How about a private dance for you?"

Ah, that's music to our ears. Even in South Florida, which is home to some of the world's best strip clubs, you'd be lucky to get a lap dance from a dime piece like Carmen. She's the type of chick that you'll brag about bagging for weeks to your boys. Especially because she has sex skills that make your toes curl as you try not to cum.

"I've been known to make guys cum faster than they want," Carmen says. "Especially when they're fucking me from the back. I'll look back sometimes and notice that his eyes are closed or that he just doesn't want to look down. And it's because if he does look down, he'll bust his nut right there. I like knowing I can do that to a guy."

We're not surprised at all. Carmen has a plump ass and thick thighs that are made for doggystyle beat-her-pussy-up fucking. She's made for the kind of hard fucking where the sound of your hips smacking into her ass and thighs echoes throughout the house. She's the type of girl who makes you keep track of your stroke number so you don't cum too quickly. She's the type of girl whose ass and pussy you want to enjoy. Shoot, you want to fall asleep inside her and have another round as soon as you wake up.

"Morning sex is the best sex," Carmen said. "But it's fucking. Fucking with me is always good."

Stroke Number

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Carmen De Luz – Body Shots

Body Shots

There's no one in the house, you've got some cold drinks on the counter and bangin' Latina in the room. This is one of those situations where a dude has to get down on his knees and thank the heavens for his good fortune. Though with Carmen De Luz around, you're going to want her on her knees ready to play the skin flute with your hard cock. She's the type of chick dudes dream about. Carmen's a dark-haired beauty with enough junk in her trunk to make us want to do a little spring cleaning.

But Carmen wants to get dirty right now. She fills a cocktail shaker with her preferred beverage, shakes it up and pours a bit of it down her back and down to her phat ass. Our boy Rocky is there to clean up the mess using only his mouth. We aren't mixologists, but we'd wager that a cocktail tastes much better when you're slurping it up from a chick's phat cheeks.

Body Shots

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Alexis Lauren, Talon

Talon is taking a casual Sunday stroll in the park when he spots smoking hot babe, Alexis Lauren strutting around in a skimpy-backside green dress. He can't miss checking out her voluptuous large moist bootie. Nobody can! He easily picks her up and gets her to trail him back home to his bang hut where Talon has every intention of wrecking that irresistible huge booty using his meatstick as the jackhammer. But first, he oils up that precious rump and after licking and lapping up her fuckhole and anus, he gets his meatstick sucked and then finally pounds the living shit out of Alexis Lauren. She gets a nice cream 'stache for her efforts!

Guy DaSilva, Rick Masters

She might look cute in her mock school uniform with nano skirt and tie, but this blue-eyed blond is a filthy tramp - and she is about to get treated like one! Her two huge pecker studs get rough with her right from the word go, pulling her hair, holding her arms dominatingly behind her back, and pounding her in every orifice. While she gags and splutters around the penis in her mouth, the other stud gets in from behind, ramming his pole straight into her sphincter. She's moans loudly while she gets anus fucked - and just wait until you hear how the decibels rise as she gets skewered in both holes simultaneously during the double penetration!

Kristina Rose, Talon

Kinky Kristina's hips sway back and forth as she climbs the stairs and she bends over to shake her anus, making it jiggle and jiggle. This little brunette gets juicy when she gives a blow job and watches a stud jerk off. She slowly tortures us by removing a little bit of clothes at a time, then lays back to stick her fingers up her vagina and tickle her clit. Her snatch drips when she wraps her lips around Talon's enormous boner. She backs her butt up to the tip of his dick and rams it into her firm hole as she cries out in delight.

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Kelsi Monroe, Tommy Pistol

Kelsi Monroe is really insecure about her beautiful big butt! Her yoga friend, Tommy Pistol reassures her over and over that her backside is asstastic and groping horny, Kelsi does an upside down split and Tommy dunks his face in her vagina and backside crack like he's bobbing for apples. He swishes his tongue all up in that wet muff as she rubs his ever-bulging tool from underneath his jeans. She sucks him off real nice, but stops abruptly and spreads her anus cheeks to the max and turns around, waiting for Tommy to slam her hard! And slam he does. Tommy bangs her in rapid-fire fashion in all your favorite positions and drizzles Kelsi's booty in cum!

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