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Honey Monroe – Sex Room

Sex Room

If you have never run into the closest restroom for a quick jerk, you haven't been lucky enough to see a chick like Honey Monroe cross your line of sight. Honey, with her chocolate ass hanging out of her short shorts, is having a drink of water when our boy Lee Longwood catches a glimpse of her. Knowing there's no way he can continue his day with this image deposited in his spank bank, Lee walks into the men's room and claims a stall to handle this situation.

A girl with Honey's body and looks has come across this before. And being the giving chick that she is, Honey confidently waltzes into the restroom to give Lee a helping hand, mouth and cunt.

"You were checking my ass out, huh?" Honey asks as she catches him jacking off in the bathroom. "Now I'm going to check that cock out."

She's doing more than checking his cock out. Honey is giving Lee the type of head a dude dreams about. Wet, sloppy and eagerly taking every inch of his manhood down her hungry throat.

"Fuck my pussy," Honey demands after adequately lubing Lee's cock.

Lee bends her over the sink and smashes doggystyle before these two get down and dirty on the floor. He drops his jizz on her chocolate trunk, too.

"Oh, so fuckin' nasty," she moans, rubbing his jizz into her ass cheeks. "That's what you like, huh? Fucking girls in bathrooms."

Sex Room

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Honey Monroe – Sweet As Honey

Sweet As Honey

We don't have a sweet tooth, but this bad Miami chick is giving us a serious craving. Honey Monroe is thick in all the right places, has a taste for freaky sex and loves to offer up samples of her sweet-as-honey pussy.

"I love getting licked until I cum," Honey said. "I guess every girl does, though. Guys love licking me, too. I've had a bunch of guys tell me I have the best pussy they've ever tasted."

Oh, we don't doubt that for a second, Honey. Honey's pussy looks incredibly edible as she pops her booty while sucking off our boy Lee Longwood. And it looks like a slice of heaven with his cock plunging in and out of it. Lee manages to pull himself out of Honey's pussy and stuffs it into her ass, too. Even the world's greatest pussy slayers can only hold out for so long when fucking a chick like this, and Lee drops a heavy load on Honey's ass.

This chick is as sweet as honey but as bad as she wants to be.

Sweet As Honey

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Cici Love – Fantasy Fuck

Fantasy Fuck

"Look at you," Asante Stone says as he lays a few love taps on Cici Love's lightly tanned can. "Look at that... that big butt. You're a fantasy."

Girls like Cici are the type of girl our wildest dreams are made of. But this is no fantasy. Cici is going to get the hardest fucking of her life courtesy of our boy Mr. Stone. After some ass worship, Asante lays down on the bed and Cici hops on top. She's straddling him and teasing his cock through his boxer briefs.

"Oh, you feel that?" Asante asks with Cici teasing his cock with her ass. "You like that?"

We can tell she does. Asante tears her clothes off and these two can't keep their hands or mouths off each other. Asante is sucking her tits and fingering her pussy. Cici is sucking and jerking his cock, getting him lubed up and rock-hard for her ready cunt.

Cici lets out a soft moan when Asante finally stuffs himself inside her pussy. She's been eagerly anticipating this slab of meat, and Asante gives her everything she can handle. He fucks her from the side and then he stuffs his cock in her ass doggystyle and then she works him cowgirl and missionary. Asante is fucking her harder and harder with each stroke until neither of them can hold back any longer. Cici is cumming and Asante pulls his dick out of her booty and sprays his load all over her ass.

Fantasy Fuck

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Cici Love – Cici’s Cream Dream

Cici's Cream Dream

Cici Love is the type of chick you take your time with. Don't get us wrong, you fuck this bad Latina hard. But you take your time and enjoy every inch of this dime piece. Our boy Asante Stone knows what we're talking about. He's smashed his share of dime pieces and he likes what he sees as soon as he lays eyes on Cici. And Cici likes a man who knows how to handle his business.

"I usually like guys that are aggressive," Cici said. "Come up and talk to me. When we're in the bedroom, you've got to fuck me hard and make me beg for more."

Asante is very aggressive in this scene. He's smacking, biting and teasing Cici's ass before he stuffs his cock in her mouth. They switch over to a 69 position and Asante feasts on that spicy Latina pie.

"I love having my pussy eaten," Cici says. "After getting cock, it's my favorite thing."

Asante would never forget about giving her the cock. And he's nice enough to stuff it in her cunt and ass, too. And he tops her off with a sticky anal creampie.

Cici's Cream Dream

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Barbie Banx – Major League Booty

Major League Booty

"Hey, baby, I'm just getting ready for baseball practice," Barbie Banx says as our scene opens.

Barbie's pants are off, and with the type of batting practice we have in mind, she can keep them off. Barbie slips her pants on and they barely make it half way up her caramel 'donk. Not surprising considering this chick has a Major League booty.

"I love balls," Barbi says with a baseball in her hand. "And big bats, too."

Barbie slips her pants off again, picks up a nearby bat and begins sliding it in-between her legs while bouncing her booty on it. You know what they say, "If you bounce it, they will cum."

Barbie continues to bounce and twerk before pulling out her favorite piece of sporting equipment-a dildo. Sex is Barbie's favorite form of exercise and she begins fucking herself with her toy like it's a real cock. Laying down, she pleasures herself in doggystyle and even some cowgirl until she climaxes.

Just another day in our BootyLicious field of dreams.

Major League Booty

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Barbie Banx – Batter Up

Batter Up

Barbie Banx says she doesn't play sports, which is a shame. Her baseball outfit has our cocks ready to play a long game of stickball with her. A girl with Barbie's sexual appetite is always up for a doubleheader, too.

"I get down at least once a day," she said. "I'm a freak. The first time I had sex, I fucked in a car behind a high school. I've fucked in a movie theater. Once, I fucked in the parking lot after a shoot."

That's the type of thing we like to hear. Barbie's a Miami girl, so she's used to grabbing the attention of dudes who love thick, caramel-skinned females. And she's just fine with that.

"I know what I'm workin' with," Barbie said. "You guys asked me earlier what I find sexy, and honestly, it's me!"

We love an honest chick.

Batter Up

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Sara Jay – Boobs & Booty

Boobs & Booty

"I sure look sexy," Sara Jay says admiring her ample assets in front of her bedroom mirror.

Sara's rockin' a white crop and tight, red jeggings that accentuate every inch of luscious hips and tasty booty she's workin' with.

"I can't wait to rub my ass all over his cock," Sara continues. "I left the door open for him."

Moments later, Sara's hookup partner, Johnny Rod, is in the bedroom and he couldn't be more excited to see her.

"What a woman you are," he says as she strokes his cock.

This chick is the definition of fully-stacked, and Sara is as blessed with boobs as she is with booty, and she starts their raunchy fuck with an epic tit job before deep-throating his cock. Sara then hops around and jumps on Johnny's cock reverse cowgirl, and then he bends her over and bangs her out doggystyle.

"Oh, I can feel you in there," Sara says as he works her face down, ass up. "Every inch of that fat cock!"

Few girls love a hot fuck as much as this whootie, so she has to be cooled off. Which Johnny does by shooting his jizz all over plump rump.

Boobs & Booty

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